Welcoming All Lipgloss Addicts


The reason behind it all

Ever since I was little I always knew I wanted my name on something that was big. Over the years that special thing changed all the time. However I always into doing "diy makeup" So in September of 2019 I started researching and exploring into the Bri Cosmeticz brand. However I was taking it very slow because I still had school, and I wanted everything to be perfect. After a long wait on July 7, 2020 I did a trial run with only 3 lipglosses (Drip, Rośe, and Icy) and on this day I sold out within three hours. From that point I knew BriCosmeticz is something that would grow into something huge that my name would be attached to. The blueprint I have for BriCosmeticz will grow into more than a "lipgloss business." In the future I will also open multiple other businesses, so stay tuned!. To all my supporters I thank you for supporting me, it has truly been a dream come true, and without you this wouldn't be possible.


Hey Lipgloss Addicts, Its you CEO here to thank you for all the support. Its truly been a dream come true.
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