Welcoming All Lipgloss Addicts


"Put On Some Lipgloss and Build That Empire!!"
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Perfection In A Tube

"Put on some lipgloss and build that empire"
Bri Cosmeticz

The reason behind it all

Heyy lipgloss addicts!!Ever since I was little I always knew I wanted my name on something that was big. So in September of 2019 I started researching and exploring into the Bri Cosmeticz brand. However I was taking it very slow because I still had school, and I wanted everything to be perfect. After a long wait on July 7, 2020 I did a trial run with only 3 lip glosses (Drip, Rośe, and Icy) and on this day I sold out within three hours. From that point I knew BriCosmeticz is something that would grow into something huge that my name would be attached to. The blueprint I have for BriCosmeticz will grow into more than a "lipgloss business." In the future I will also open multiple other businesses, so stay tuned!.

A Big Thank You

A Message to my lipgloss addicts

To all my lipgloss addicts (supporters) I wanna thank you for all of your support, because I wouldn't be here without you. Every order, like, comment, follow, and share is appreciated. I push my supporter to be the best you, you can be, and "PUT ON SOME LIPGLOSS AND BUILD THAT EMPIRE."

High quality lipglosses, at a low price. All our lipglosses have the right oil combinations to keep your lips moisturized

Our lip scrubs are absolutely amazing. These sugar scrubs are perfect for removing the dead skin off of your lip.

Our lip oils have the perfect oil combination to keep your lips moisturized. And every lip oil is paired perfectly with any lip scrub

High Quality hand sanitizers tor an affordable price. Our 50ml keychain hand sanitizers are a cute accessory to any bag.

High Quality Lip Liquids for an affordable price. Our lip liquids are highly pigmented and moisturizing.





Hey Lipgloss Addicts, Its you CEO here to thank you for all the support. Its truly been a dream come true.
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